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about the community affiliates
Welcome to resource dump. This is the community for my resources. It will be a placeholder for all the things I create and share. Whether it be screencaps, icons, bases, colorbars, or graphics - there is a good chance you came to the right place.

This community is open membership. I am accepting applications for a co-moderator. This other person will be allowed posting access to share his/her own resources. To apply for this position, leave a comment anywhere in the community. If you have any of the qualifications I am looking for, you will be accepted.

All details and rules regarding this community are simple. No hotlinking. Crediting is 100% necessary. And please, don't claim any of my work as your own.
Anyone can gladly affiliate. But the only way this community can grow, is by promotion and word of mouth. Please, if you are a member of this community - promote it anywhere. You'll make my day and make all of this hard work worth it.

1) z0mbiez_designs

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Please host the image to your own server. My bandwidth will love you forever!

User info code and layout stylesheet is the wonderful coding of reversescollide.